Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lev Gonick and the future of mobile computing

At the beginning of June 2006, I watched a webcast via CSU-Monterey Bay's Ready2Net program that included a segment on mobile computing. The panel included Lev Gonick, the CIO at Case Western Reserve. Since he had been relatively successful a few years back at predicting some of the tech trends we see emerging today, Lev was asked to look 3 to 5 years out again.

Gonick said:
“In the next three years or so we will hopefully not be talking about mobility as an infrastructure project, it will all be about collaboration and collaboration tools.

And I think (universities who are creating content, vendors, partners, libraries, park systems and the like)…it will be how we use those collaborative tools.

I’m less sure that we’re going to see new devices, although there will be new form factors.
What will be distinctive will be the ability to have presence, the idea that, at any point in time, you can - if you choose to - be followed through your mobile technology and not only be able to be tracked (again, with your permission), but be able to have the kinds of interactions that you’re interested in, whether those are database, IM, SMS, voice-based, or whether they will in fact be interactive video-based.
And I think those are the things - all of which are going to sit on a mobile platform - that we’re going to see. It’s going to be much less of a spectator sport and much, much more of a contact sport in the next five years.”

- Lev Gonick, Vice President, Information Technology Services, CIO, Case Western Reserve University, Board Chair of OneCleveland.
From the June 1, 2006, Ready2Net webcast on “The Mobile User”, from The Wireless Community & Mobile User Conference at California State University - Monterey Bay, CA.

I admire Lev because he went to Cleveland and rallied the community, CWRU and vendors around a great idea centered on emerging technology spread across and benefitting the community at large - town and gown extraordinaire. I spent my "wonder bread years" growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, rode the Rapid Transit downtown, saw (and completely failed to appreciate) the Cleveland Orchestra and Museum of Art as a grade-schooler, and am still a hopeless (and I do mean hopeless) Indians and Browns fan.


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