Friday, July 21, 2006

MySpace Study Examines Predator Issues

Study shows fear of MySpace predators is overblown
From danah boyd's Apophenia blog.

This is interesting stuff. By all means look at the study, but read through the comments that follow danah's original post. It seems to me that whether the issue is overblown comes down in part to what is an acceptable percentage of kids that are approached. Some folks say 7% is acceptable risk, some say that is still a huge number. (Seven percent of 50 million is still ** 3.5 million ** !) I say "What if your kid was one of the 7%?"
That so much of this study's data is qualitative detracts from the conclusion that the issue is indeed overblown. The fact that the study's author is hawking a book raises some motivational questions as well.

Please read the whole schmeer:


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