Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Online Video Repositories Raise Concerns

Online Video Boom Raises Risks, Concerns
The Associated Press
Sunday, July 9, 2006; 10:31 PM
In: The Washington Post

"Popular Web sites such as MySpace, YouTube, Yahoo, Google and soon also Microsoft Corp.'s MSN are featuring user-generated videos that quickly have become a phenomenal form of entertainment. YouTube, the leading video site that helped catapult the genre with its public launch in December, attracted more than 20 million visitors in May. The company says it averages 50,000 new video uploads per day."
and later...
"While catering to a mass audience whose entertainment tastes run the gamut, the online video Web sites are aware of the challenges they face in welcoming uncensored clips. They strive to be an open stage for budding musicians, comedians and filmmakers, but they also don't want to drive away offended viewers or advertisers.
'We are concerned about this issue and are aware that it affects most services that make video available on the Internet,' Google stated in response to the New York consumer board alert."



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