Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Parenting and MySpace

MySpace, a place without MyParents
Scott Granneman, SecurityFocus, 2006-06-30

Scott Granneman looks at the mass hysteria surrounding MySpace social security issues, examines a collection of frightening reports, and then discusses the real issue of parenting and parental supervision behind keeping our children safe.

"...At that point I realized the awful truth: lots of people just don't know how to raise their kids.
The same situation holds true for MySpace. The company can hire all the security officers it wants, and it could replace every ad with a flashing banner that says "DO NOT TRUST RANDOM STRANGERS!!!", and send fliers to every parent in America ... and bad things would still happen to kids connected to MySpace. A lot of parents aren't very good at parenting, and part of being a teenager is saying and doing stupid things (I'm example number one for that particular precept), trying to socialize as much as possible, and worrying at the same time about your hair and your weight and your zits and your clothes."

Lots of interesting, useful, and disturbing links contained in the article.


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